Network Marketing – Your Business Opportunity Is Not Important

In the 80′s and 90′s, the thought of owning your own business for just $100′s instead of $1000′s was an intriguing idea. It was also an idea that brought about a lot of fear and skepticism to the hardworking middle class citizen. However, for a lot of people, it was an inviting idea. It was out-of-the norm. It was not how people were used to making money.

Just like a new trend, people were fascinated by the fact of making money outside the norm with just a small investment. They were elated with the possibility of working from home. They were excited at all the hype presentations and elaborate compensation plans. Enticed by the BIG bonuses and how easy it seemed to become wealthy in this business. So it was relatively easy to just show your Business Opportunity.

But as the years passed by, Network Marketing began on a downward spiral. It wasn’t so exciting anymore. It was just another MLM (multi-level-marketing) or Business Opportunity. By this time, enough people had tried the business and failed miserably. It was all about who got in first and could get the most sign ups. No training or fundamentals were given. Just get them to the meeting. We were even given pitch lines to use. We were told to share the Business Opportunity to any and everyone that comes within 3 feet of us. It was more like imposing on people. Literally force feeding them information they didn’t care to hear. This gave Network Marketing a bad name. It was simply not a good way to do business.

Because of the behavior of a lot of Network Marketers, we were labeled as peddlers. The very thought of Network Marketing screamed “Scam” or “Pyramid Scheme”, and there were scams and illegal pyramid schemes out there. I had fallen victim to several. There were so many people who were victims of Drive-by Sponsoring! Just sign them up and on to the next one! This left a bad taste in the mouths of many.

Despite the image that Network Marketers painted, the industry popularity started to grow again. By the New Millennium, a change had taken place. A new way of Network Marketing had surfaced. There was a new breed of marketers emerging that would change the face of Network Marketing forever!

See, we’ve always been told in this industry that this business is a word-of-mouth business, which is true to some degree. We are told to make a names list of all our friends, family, relatives, and co-workers., which is also fine. What we are not taught is how to approach these people. So what happens when you run out of names on your names list? What should you do then? These are the things that were missing back in the 80′s & 90′s and are still missing today!

Your Business Opportunity is not Important! People are not looking for “Your” opportunity. They are looking for Solutions to their Problems. How do I know this? Because I was once one of those persons out there looking for a solution. My solution was not another Business Opportunity. There were plenty of those out there. My solution was finding out How to Get It Started. My solution was finding out How to Successfully Market and Build my Business Opportunity. That’s what people are looking for. What’s the point of having the Best Business Opportunity with the Best product and the Best compensation plan, if you don’t know how to market, advertise, attract prospects, and build your business?

Once I found those things, my career as a Network Marketer became much easier and more enjoyable. It became more rewarding as I am now able to teach and share with others the things that I know as a knowledgeable Network Marketer. See, people don’t join your Business Opportunity, they join “You”! If all you have to offer is a Business Opportunity, then you’re just like the hundreds of thousands other Network Marketers out there pitching the Business Opportunity to everyone they meet.

To sum it all up, Your Business Opportunity Is Not Important. What is important is educating and the personal development of others that are looking for a means to make money outside of the regular hustle and bustle of the dreaded 9 to 5 job! People subconsciously follow leaders. Leaders provide knowledge. Knowledge gives ordinary people the Power to accomplish extraordinary things. Be Empowered!

What Are Good Business Ideas for Someone That Doesn’t Want a High Pressure Lifestyle?

Are you sick of the pressure?

Do you want a better lifestyle?

Do you prefer a good business to just a job? If your answer is yes to one or more of the above, then read on!

So you’ve got the basic decision made; now you need to research some good business ideas. The kind of business that provides a great lifestyle depends on your idea of what that means. Does your idea of a great lifestyle mean working a small number of hours for a nice profit, working in a field about which you are passionate, helping others, having fun, doing something at the edge of world’s best practice, fulfilling a dream or just having more time for family, friends and your community?

Because work and lifestyle don’t have to be mutually exclusive, your best business idea might be to choose something you love doing, surround yourself with awesome collaborators and add an element of contribution to the community.

The paradigm of swapping time for money certainly needs to disappear, so passive income is a term that’s becoming widely understood. Who would like to wake up gently each morning, take a leisurely breakfast, perhaps a walk with the dog and eventually open up the laptop just to see how much more money has flowed into your account?

The single biggest impediment to living any of these scenarios has been you… and you probably knew it already!

Whilst I’m sure you’ve spent time lusting a better lifestyle, how much time have you allocated to finding the business idea that suits you? Do you know exactly what return you need to cover current living expenses? What research have you done to determine the specific requirements of putting your idea into practice? Have you built an awesome team of professionals to help you identify the best prospects?

If you really want to pursue a business that helps you develop the lifestyle you would prefer, you’re going to have to get off the couch. Find a block of time and regularly use it to discover the best business idea for you. Research what’s required, bounce the idea off the team of professionals you’ve gathered to help you, brainstorm the possibilities, headhunt your preferred colleagues – in other words – BEGIN!

And remember, you are never alone in business. You will always find someone willing to help you out, create a JV with you, work with you or even promote you even before you have a good business idea or a product. Be confident being yourself and your business will skyrocket from here on!

Reasons Why a Business Plan Fails

For any types of business, planning is really necessary. This is why when you are going to start a new business; you need to have a solid and reliable business plan. This is something that every business should not exist without because this is critical in making a business successful. It should contain all the necessary information like funding, market information and many more. However, a business plan may also fail. This happens when the plan is not well thought of or if it does not fit well to the nature of your business. But aside from this, there are some other reasons why a business plan fails.

Overestimating is the first reason why your business plan may fail. In the process of creating a plan, you are required to some estimation but this does not mean that you have to overestimate. You have to be realistic because estimating too high is dangerous for your business. Never overestimate on how far your funds will go or how fast you will be able to gain a huge amount of profit. In relation to overestimating, you should not overspend as well. Do not force your business to grow very fast in a short period of time because this is a big mistake. Do not rush everything when running your business.

On the other hand, the location of your business may also cause your business plan and your business to fail. Other people may not realize this but the location is very important for a business to experience growth and development. Your potential customers will not know that your business exists if it is located in an isolated or remote area. Thus, a good and accessible location should be stated on your plan. Then you have to carefully consider the actual location to prevent this from becoming the main reason of your failure.

Insufficient funds and insufficient knowledge about the market can also result to failure. Evidently, if you do not have enough money to run your business, your plan will most likely fail. If you want your business to operate properly and gain profit, you should make sure that you have the right amount of capital. Moreover, insufficient knowledge or information about the market can also cause failure because your business plan will not fit to what your business really needs, you will not know the real market condition and the competition. This means that there is big possibility that your business will not be able to keep up with the tight competition.

So if you do not want your business to become a failure and put everything that you have worked on to waste, you should be very careful on what are the things that your business plan should contain. Spend some time to research on the important information about your business, the market and your competitors. And make sure that everything that is written on your plan is appropriate for your business.